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Valet service is the first and last impression you leave with your visitors.  Celebrate Events ensures that each restaurant customer gets the kind of treatment that gets your restaurant noticed.   Each Celebrate Events valet professional has a passion for exceptional customer service and is dedicated to creating the best image for your restaurant.  We partnered with two well-known fine dining establishments and one fitness club, and this experience has taught us the importance of seamless integration with the entire restaurant.  Celebrate Events tailors valet training to each restaurant, focusing on the unique requirements and atmosphere of the venue.


PRIVATE JETS AT US Airports FBO,  Rochester NY

We design custom hotel valet programs, from guest arrival and first impression, to check-in and lobby presentation. Our professional, polished staff really do make the difference.  Each highly trained Celebrate Events valet professionals are dedicated to, and passionate about, providing distinguished service your guests expect.  With an extensive amount of exposure to the best known families in upstate New York, we  provides the experience needed to set your hotel apart.

Benefits of  Celebrate Events Valet Parking
​* Set a V.I.P. tone for your event 
* Show you care for the personal safety of your guests
* Provide protection from inclement weather
* Avoid parking lot slips and falls
* Maximize available parking space
* Maintain friendly relationships with neighbors

The first impression is everything....  
Our outstanding valet parking service goes beyond just parking cars.
Celebrate Events valet attendants are at your service with a well-trained customer focus.
We provide all parking-related services, from directional attendants and shuttle service to traffic control. Celebrate Events can also customize attendant uniforms for your event.
We understand the hospitality industry. We know the importance of valet parking is not about parking cars, it's about creating a remarkable first impression of your event that only a trained team can execute.  Our World Class Service Team focuses on creating great memories for you and your guests.