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Celebrate Events Inc (herein referred to as "Celebrate") and Client (collectively, the Client) enter into this Terms and Conditions (herein referred to as an "Agreement") for Staffing Service (collectively, the Celebrate’s employees working for the Client and herein referred to as "Staff" or "Service"). Client agrees to the terms of this Agreement immediately upon provided payment to the Celebrate Events.


Client will be billed for the time; the Staff begins work on an official call time (collectively the Staff arrival time, requested by the Client) specified, until Staff is signed off at the end of the event.


Four hours minimum service applies to all bookings. Celebrate’s Staff will remain on assignment for the maximum hours booked by Client during reservation. Client also reserves the right to hold Staff for additional hour (up to 1 hour) following the event. Should Client foresee yet longer hours, Client should notify Celebrate Events in advance.


Celebrate’s Staff will make every effort to arrive early before the official call time. In case, the Staff arrives late due to the Celebrate Events Staff fault, the four  hour minimum Staff booking required will be forfeited and the Client will be billed only for the hours the Staff was on-site.


Celebrate Events Staff will perform the following service for the Client; (a) Bartenders will set up a bar stations to serve beverages and make mixed drinks. Bartenders will break down and clean bar stations during and immediately following the event. (b) Servers will set up chairs, tables, flatware, utensils and buffet stations and will perform services such as serving food, drinks and cleaning tables. Following the event, Servers will clean, break down, and stock tables and chairs. (c) Cooks/ BBQ Grillers will set up a barbecue stations. BBQ Griller service includes cooking and warming meat and vegetables, preparing plates and serving guests. Celebrate Events Staff may be asked to perform additional services with a prior approval from the Celebrate Events.


Client is not allowed or request or knowingly allow Celebrate Events Staff to serve liquor to minors or to the mentally incompetent persons. Client should assume sole responsibility for verifying, that all individuals being served are of legal drinking age. Client also should assume responsibility for monitoring the service of alcohol to intoxicated individuals at the event. ALL of our Bartenders and Servers reserves the right to refuse service to anyone believed to be overly intoxicated, belligerent or without proper proof of age. Client should not hold Celebrate Events responsible for (a) liability and damages incurred as a result of serving alcoholic beverages to a minor or mentally incompetent person and (b) any liability or damages incurred under the Dram Shop Act, General Obligations Law 11-101. Client maintains sole responsibility for all injuries and damages caused by any food or beverage served at the event by Celebrate Events Staff. Client agrees that none of Celebrate Events Staff will be allowed or required to warm or cook food (Unless Stated on the Estimate or Invoice), clean restrooms, wash dishes, move tables, chairs and other furnishings up or down stairs, or carry overweight items without prior written approval from the Celebrate Events (These task are consider high risk and must be address prior to confirming staff).  Additionally, each Celebrate Events Staff member may set up and break down as many tables and chairs needed as longs as breaks are provided. PLEASE NOTE: Every effort will be made to accommodate your request and task list as long as it is discussed and approved prior to booking our staff.


Client should not hold Celebrate Events and Celebrate Events officers liable against any and all legal claims or attorneys' fees resulting from operation or use Client-owned or Client-leased vehicles, machinery and equipment by Celebrate Events Staff. THE CLIENT AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS Celebrate Events Inc, FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES, CLAIMS, DAMAGES, LOSSES, COSTS AND EXPENSES, INCLUDING AND WITHOUT LIMITATION ATTORNEY'S FEES, BODILY INJURY CLAIMS, PROPERTY DAMAGE, LOSS OF TIME AND/OR INCONVENIENCE, RESULTING FROM OR ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH PROVIDED SERVICE REGARDLESS OF CAUSE OR FAULT.


Full payment is required to complete Staff booking. All bookings cancelled within 7  days of an event date are subject to 40% cancellation fee. All bookings cancelled at the day of an event will be subject to 100% cancellation fee. 


Celebrate Events has Worker's Compensation / Liability / Liquor Legal Insurance and will provide a copy of certificate upon Client's request. In addition, Celebrate Events may provide a General Liability Insurance (COI) for Venues. COI is subject to additional fee and will be valid for two days starting from official event date. Client is responsible to provide accurate information regarding Venue, since any changes to COI will be subject to additional fee.


Extra working hours are subject to additional fee as a standard hourly rates per Staff and based from rates provided in Estimate. Due to Celebrate Events service limits as set forth in clause number 4 of this Agreement, Celebrate Events will charge an additional hourly fee for additional work requested. If applies, additional fees will be charged to Client's credit card on file after completion of the event. Celebrate Events will send an invoice prior to charge.


Due to transparent business practice the Celebrate Events adheres to, Client agrees not to solicit or offer a job to the Celebrate Events Staff directly or indirectly, for one year following the completion of the assignment. Client agrees not to permit or cause Celebrate Events Staff to be hired by another firm for at least one year following the completion of the assignment, without expressed written permission from the Celebrate Events.  NO, is not ok to ask staff  to work at your event or to come back as an independent agent. 


CLIENT and CELEBRATE EVENTS agree not to directly or indirectly employ or engage as an independent contractor any staff employee of the other party, during the term of this Agreement and for a period of 6 months thereafter, without the prior written consent of the other party. Due to the transparent business practice that Celebrate Events adheres to, Client agrees not to solicit or offer a job to the Celebrate Events Staff, directly or indirectly, for six months following the completion of
the last assignment. Client agrees not to permit or cause Celebrate Events Staff to be hired by another firm for at least six months following the completion of the assignment, without expressed written permission from Celebrate Events. NO, is not ok to ask staff to work under the table at your event, or to come back as an independent agent. Our Insurance policy will not cover any employee working outside of Celebrate Events, Inc, billing system. In the event that you violate this policy and directly hire our employee, you agree to pay a “hire-away fee” of a minimum of $1,000.00 per employee.


Client must provide 20 minutes break with food to all Staff after 5-hours of work. Break time can be split into several shifts, while some Staff members are working, the others will take a break.   New York State Labor Standards must be adhered to when dealing with Special Events Staffing.  We are a full service Catering company with “Limited Special Events Staffing “ due to our training and nature of our job description our employees are NOT your Temporary workers. Our Employees are contracted by you under the care and guidance of our policies and procedure as they have been trained to performed specific task to Celebrate Events, Inc. World Class Training. 

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